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I've been in the IT for a decade administering mission critical RDBMS systems such as Sybase ASE and Microsoft SQL Server, for some of the largests investment banks, asset managers and telecoms in France. I came to the position of principal consultant on SQL Server technologies at CapData Consulting in 2006, where I still manage a team of senior DBAs, do expertise jobs and software support for our remote monitoring solutions. I also have the privilege of sharing my experience by teaching classes on SQL Server topics, and blogging in french at and in english at SQL Server Central. (

Denali SP1, PASS keynotes and incoming features for the next mountain

If you didn’t get the chance to attend PASS this year, you could still watch the keynotes and a couple of sessions live from SQLPASSTV. Many announcements were made for the future release of SQL Server , and in particular: … Continue reading

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How about generate objects DDL from T-SQL ?

Some time ago, I’ve been trying to figure out how to generate the DDL of objects from the T-SQL command line. Powershell allows us to do that, from the PS command-line, as well as SMO. But SMO is not usable … Continue reading

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SATA and write-through

Basically, this post originates in a inspiring comment from James Hamilton a couple of years ago on SATA and write reliability. We all know that Enterprise-Class transactionnal database systems use concepts such as ARIES to enforce transactionnal consistency. SQL Server … Continue reading

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A word for the Keynotes serie

When I started as a Sybase DBA more than a decade ago, there was no blog, no community, and very little documentation on how basically the storage engine worked. So I did what everybody was doing at that time: keeping … Continue reading

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Point in time recovery and fn_dump_dblog()

For starters and to create some content I will simply translate articles I’ve already written for the past 3 years in french. Actually I am no lazy writer, but this is quite difficult to find original subjects for articles, so … Continue reading

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As an introduction…

I’ve been blogging in french for my company for over 3 years, almost exclusively on technical subjects. The main reason I open this space is to try to get to more people, because when you don’t blog in english, you … Continue reading

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