As an introduction…

I’ve been blogging in french for my company for over 3 years, almost exclusively on technical subjects. The main reason I open this space is to try to get to more people, because when you don’t blog in english, you don’t get that much feedback.

I’ll still be blogging in french at my corporate’s blog, though, but I think there’s room for something else than binary digits and dbcc stuff in a SQL blog. There’s also room for sharing personal thoughts, make fun of myself and take a little perspective on my career.

I like the idea of corporatism in a job. Meeting people who do the same job as you do, sharing ideas, habits, and philosophy in what you do. This is typically something you wouldn’t put in a corporate blog.

See you soon.



About dbaffaleuf

I've been in the IT for a decade administering mission critical RDBMS systems such as Sybase ASE and Microsoft SQL Server, for some of the largests investment banks, asset managers and telecoms in France. I came to the position of principal consultant on SQL Server technologies at CapData Consulting in 2006, where I still manage a team of senior DBAs, do expertise jobs and software support for our remote monitoring solutions. I also have the privilege of sharing my experience by teaching classes on SQL Server topics, and blogging in french at and in english at SQL Server Central. (
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